WFH increased my productivity multifold

Hafiz Hussain
3 min readApr 11, 2020

Well, that would be surprising for many people who are struggling to work from home during COVID situation, but it is true that I figured out a way to work from home in a most productive manner.

I am programmer and technical entrepreneur, I have a team of developers to manage and code myself.

Like everyone, when I started working sitting at home, I had all the challenges from unable to track time to attending boring meetings. In the first two days of lockdown, I literally did not do anything but sitting in front of my laptop.

The psychological problem I had was, I am at home and I felt like sleeping and I had disturbance of TV Volume and everything else. There is no surprise that my team members were also going through the same problem. Three days no productivity at all, in turn our client blasted our whole team. I realized, this is an alarm, take some action now or it is going to be never.

Fourth day, by noon I tried a couple of ways to work which didn’t have any impact.

At 2 PM, I got a call from my client asking for a very small change that can be developed and implemented in half an hour. Since, I know it is a very simple, easy and small task that I can complete in no time. I completed the task in just twenty minutes and implemented successfully in the next two hours after testing.

Then I started thinking for a moment, though I all have the priority tasks to complete, how was I able to complete this one?

The answer is simple, I know the task is small and it can be completed in no time. This made me think that our brain does not get diverted with external influences if we have a very specific task and tiny to do.

Then I saw the list of items that has to be completed. I figured out each task which already a smaller one can be breakdown in to atleast ten parts and make it as tiny tasks.I did the same and created a revised list not just for me but the entire team and asked my team members to decide how many things they want to complete, but take regular break intervals after every task.

Even I followed the same, soon after each task that lasted for 30 minutes, I took a 5 min break. On the same day, I was able to see a drastic change in the way we worked. All the team members performed very well. They worked only for 8 hours still the productivity shot up.

I completed my work so fast that, I had time to think how to do my job better. Now I’m able to do 3X things than before and the same result I got my team as well.

The technique I used is very simple, I worked for 30 minutes and I took a break and 30 minutes again, sometimes lesser. But only one thing to keep in mind is, if our break interval crosses more than 10 minutes and we take every 30 minutes, then it will get you into trouble.

There are only two rules to be followed, work just for 30 minutes and take break not more than 10 minutes.

Please share your stories of Working from Home during Covid. Stay home, Stay Safe.